My Vision

My development philosophy revolves around the principles of “Ownership”, “Value for Money (VfM)”, “Innovation”, “Scalability” and “Sustainability” with a strong affirmative action for youth-related investments. It goes without saying that any tolerance to corruption negates the best of intentions and hence, eradicating corruption would be a top priority or else, all investments would be as ineffective as pouring water into a leaking pail. If it were within my power, my five-point plan, for moving Malawi into a middle-income country is as below.

Development Planning

Instituting an equitable, data-informed and bottom up long-term holistic planning approach to national development planning grounded in the principles of “Ownership”, “Value for Money (VfM)”, “Innovation”, “Scalability” and “Sustainability”.

Population and Health

Re-prioritizing Primary Health Care (PHC) by deploying adequate community health workers to manage the disease burden locally, equipping Health facilities with diagnostic equipment and well-trained personnel to manage secondary and tertiary level disease and promoting family planning.


Implementing full decentralization and empowering local communities to chart their own destiny from planning to implementation and reducing the central government’s role to resourcing, capacity strengthening, M&E and audit of resource utilization.

Demographic Dividends

Investing in youth development to make young people relevant, active and competitive players in today’s digital and global world. The how includes aiming for 100% completion rates at Primary and Secondary levels, making computer literacy mandatory at secondary level and making Colleges and University education affordable.

Optimizing Agriculture

Investing in mechanized and irrigation farming through farmers cooperatives through which farmers can leverage economies of scale to access capital and markets and encouraging and incentivising farmers to graduate from selling raw produce (as is the case today) to selling processed or at least semi-processed products.

Hello there,

My name is Juliana Lunguzi, a mother, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a midwife, a nurse and a development professional now serving as Member of Parliament for Dedza East Constituency in Malawi.

I am a member of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Malawi’s liberation party and of course, the mother of all parties in Malawi and the only party capable of putting Malawi back on the road to prosperity.

As per my party’s inclusive philosophy, I am a Malawian first. This is why as you browse this website or follow me on social media you will see that in ALL my advocacy initiatives, ALL my lobbying efforts and in ALL my interactions with whosoever; my focus is always national and always, Malawi comes first.

This is important because we cannot move Malawi forward by living in self-created silos be they political, tribal, gender-based or whatever. Together, each and everyone of us working together, we can and we should develop Malawi.

This is why, on this website everyone – including non-Malawians – is welcome. Feel free to browse, or to contact me and please, subscribe to the Newsletter and Mailing List and together, we will lift Malawi higher.

Should you share my vision and that of my party, the MCP, follow this link to reach out to the person in charge of the party’s Recruitment Directorate. She will be thrilled to welcome you.

Yours in development,


In my humble role as your servant and your Legislator, with your support, this far I have successfully moved the following motions. If you know any pertinent issues we need to tackle, I remain at your disposal.


Harnessing the power of networking
Women Deliver 2016

Women Deliver 2016

the largest gathering on girls’ and women’s health and rights

"Through her work in Malawi and internationally, Juliana has contributed to the significant growth and professionalization of the nursing profession in Malawi, including development of nursing and midwifery standards and operational procedures, and coordinating the first emergency obstetric care assessment in Malawi, which provided data for the development of the road-map for the reduction of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in Malawi. "

The EAT Forum

The EAT Forum

a think-tank for Science, politics and business sharing food for thought

"...Juliana coordinates work that provides data for the development of the road-map for the reduction of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in Malawi.

Lunguzi has led work on issues of maternal and child health toward achieving the MDGs under the Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF)."



Scotland’s only dedicated international affairs magazine

"Juliana is a formidable character, and just four years in to her political career, she has gained a reputation as an ambitious and outspoken woman. A former nurse and midwife, she became a midwifery specialist for the UN Population Fund, providing support for the Sudanese government. She says Malawi’s problems are blamed on politicians, and she decided to stand for election to see if she could do something to improve the country. ... she believes that Malawi needs to improve its own gross per capita with sustainable industries and an educated workforce."


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Dedza East

TNM – Always With Us

The gallery below represents the scene at Tsanya Primary school in GVH Kabulika 1 when TNM Malawi handed over a school block with 2 classrooms worth MK11million. While, as we speak, the community around Tsanya Read more…

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